‘Making Sense of Money’ series

Simple reading books about where money comes from, what things cost, how to budget, different financial situations. The books feature a teenager and his family and friends. 

1: Money In, Money Out
Meet Jack and his family. They would all like to have more money. Jack wants to borrow some cash to buy a bike, but no-one seems to have any money to spare.

2: Everyday Money
Jack has to make his allowance last all week at college. He has to think hard about how much he can afford to spend on lunch. And he has forgotten to top-up his phone!

3: What’s It Worth?
It’s Jack’s birthday, and his family have given him money rather than presents. He goes to town for a burger with his mates and some shopping. What can he afford to buy?

4: Cash and Cakes
Jack and his friends have a Cup Cake Stall at college. How much will it cost to make the cakes? What must they charge so they have money to donate to Children in Need?

5: Keeping Money Safe
When Jack clears out his room it gives the family an idea – they could do a car boot sale. A customer has his wallet stolen, but Jack saves the day and the thief is caught.

6: Making Ends Meet
Kim has an apprenticeship. With her first wages she treats her friends to a night out, and buys some clothes. But she needs some money for her mum towards the house-keeping…

Support materials
These readers are supported by an Activity Pack (book and CD-ROM) containing eBooks and audio versions of all the readers, 14 computer activities/games, 46 worksheets and comprehensive teacher’s notes.

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£139.00 + VAT

  • 2 copies of each of the 6 readers
  • Activity Pack (Teacher Book of notes and worksheets + CD-ROM of e-books and whiteboard resources)

ISBN: 978-1-905579-81-5