‘Scary Things’ series

This series aims to help young people come to terms with their fears without provoking further anxiety. The six readers encourage young people to talk more openly about the things that cause them fear and anxiety.

Scared of Bullies?
Sally was bullied at her last school. Now she is settled at a new school, and she tells a friend what happened.

Scared of the Dark? 
David has been at a friend’s house, and it is now dark. How will he get on coming home? What sort of risks will he take? Would this scare you?

Scared of Dogs?
When he was younger Paul was scared by a big dog. Now he is scared of all dogs.

Scared of Getting Lost?
Jason is seventeen now, but he still remembers the day he got lost at the seaside…

Sacred of Injections?
When Scott cuts his finger badly he has to go to hospital for treatment. He doesn’t mind the blood, but having an injection is another matter!

Scared of Spiders?
Lucy is upset to find a spider in her bedroom on holiday. In fact, there seem to be spiders everywhere. Is there anything she can do?

Support materials
The six readers are supported by an Activity Pack (book and CD-ROM) containing eBooks and audio versions of all the readers, 48 worksheets and comprehensive teacher’s notes.

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£105.00 + VAT

  • 2 copies of each of the 6 readers
  • Activity Pack (Teacher Book of notes and worksheets + CD-ROM of e-books and audio versions)

ISBN: 978-1-908119-14-8