‘Simple Meals’ series

Four reading books follow the fortunes of young people as they put their kitchen skills to the test – with some interesting results.  (NB These are not cookery books.)

Breakfast in Bed
Toni makes her mum breakfast in bed as a surprise. Will her mum be pleased?

Lunch for Guests 
Wendy and her classmates are going to cook lunch for their teachers and teaching assistants. Here is a chance to show what they can really do

Packed Lunch
Ali nearly forgets abour his school trip. He will need a packed lunch, but there’s not much time.

Tony’s family have all gone out, leaving him on his own in the house. How will he get on by himself, and what will he have for tea?

Support materials
The six readers are supported by an Activity Pack (book and CD-ROM) containing eBooks and audio versions of all the readers, 7 computer games/activities, 40 worksheets and comprehensive teacher’s notes.

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£99.00 + VAT

  • 2 copies of each of the 4 readers
  • Activity Pack (Teacher Book of notes and worksheets + CD-ROM of e-books and audio versions)

ISBN: 978-1-905579-60-0