‘Work Experience’ series

A detailed look at several work placements through the eyes of the young people involved. Dress code, time keeping, respect, boredom, constraints of rules and regulations.

An Animal Charity
Jessica’s work is hard and dirty, and she sees sick and injured animals. Will she still want to work with animals when she finishes?

A Charity Shop
Lisa is doing two weeks’ work experience at a charity shop. She’s a quiet girl, but by the end she finds her voice.

A Fast-Food Restaurant
Suzanne is very keen to do well at the fast-food restaurant. Will Karen, her boss, be pleased with her at the end of the day?

A Garage
Wayne wants to work with cars. His work experience at a local garage is not what he expected. In fact, he is in for a few shocks!

An Interview
Gives students an idea of what to expect. Part of it is set out like a play for two people to read together.

A Supermarket
Philip is doing work experience. There’s so much going on. Elaine helps him for the first week, but then he’s on his own. How will he cope?

Support materials
The six readers are supported by an Activity Pack (book and CD-ROM) containing eBooks and audio versions of all the readers, 15 computer activities/games, 46 worksheets and comprehensive teacher’s notes.

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£139.00 + VAT

  • 2 copies of each of the 6 readers
  • Activity Pack (Teacher Book of notes and worksheets + CD-ROM of e-books and whiteboard resources)

ISBN: 978-1-905579-61-7